Monday, December 11, 2006

Game :Tuktuk car racing online 2003

Wow... Amazing tuktuk car racing online game.
It's freeware from thai programmer Mr.Thasawat Thongsuk
Every player can select tutkuk model for beating in the virture gameas a real tuktuk racing on the road in bangkok area.At the start point,Every player must try to drive a tuktuk as fast as possible to be the winner in the tuktuk racing.It's very fun for tuktuk lover.Well..This game got the first prize from The National Software Contest 2003(NSC)in thailand.

System requirement
Windows 98 / me / xp / 2000
Ram : 128 MB.
File size : 29.41 MB.
License : freeware


tuktuk car racing 2003

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