Sunday, December 9, 2007

Where is our tuktuk member driving.?

Do you know where is our tuktuk member .

Wow.. it's nearly around the world.

please take a photo of you and your tuktuk and sending us
to joining the tuktuk club and activity.In the future,
We would set up a meeting for our club.

Below is our some our tuktuk parking.

Europe : Austria, Belgium,Denmark,Finland,Sweden,Switzerland,

Germany,Netherland and Spain North America : Canada

Central America : Jamaica

South America : Bolivia, Brazil, Guatemala, Panama and Peru

Asia : Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines,
Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam,China and Sri Lanka.

Middle East : Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Kuwait

Africa : Sudan, Kenya, Morocco and South Africa

Australia : Australia

South Pacific : New Zealand and Fiji