Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sight-Seeing Bangkok by Tuk-Tuk Tour

Sound & Sight-Seeing Bangkok Tuk Tuk Tour

Theme : Welcomes you to an enchanted journey back to the past of Bangkok, the capital city of the Rattanakosin era, the rich heritage of Thailand from the reign of King Rama I untill the present monarch, King Rama IX.

A recorded narrative : Offers you the accurate and informative while riding along this remarkable area-Telling the old day stories-historic landmarks, sites, religion and Thais' spirit.

Five Places to Visit :Wat Pho 45 mins, Grand Palace 1 hr, Pra Sumane Fort 45 mins, Vimarnmek Mansion 1 hr, Wat Benjamabophit 25 mins.

Cultural excursion : Exclusive riding on a Tuk-Tuk, a 3 wheels vehicle, the symbol of Bangkok Transportation. Our drivers are approved by the tourist police.

Time: Pick up at : 7:50 am. - Return back at : 2:15 pm.

Bangkok Tuk Tuk Tour
Special Price Baht 1,950 Per Person
(Inclusive of 7% VAT.)

Price Include :

Transfers & Tours by private tuk-tuk with admission fees as mentioned in the program. A recorded tour narrative (a Mini Disc Player), Travelling Insurance,
An English speaking guide.

Price exclude :

Lunch and personal expenses such as drinks, tips.
Dress code:

Visitors must dress modestly and properly in keeping with the dignity of the religious places.
It is one of the most impressive ways of tracing the outline of the history of this enchanting Kingdom. Bangkok Tuk-Tuk hopes the experience of this special designed package is one you will treasure for a lifetime.

Bangkok's tuk-tuk

is one of Thailand's endearing symbols and a home-grown product that developed from the samlors and rickshaws of yesteryear. A wealthy Chinese resident probably brought the very first rickshaw to Bangkok in 1871. The innovation quickly caught on and became so popular that by 1901 the government was forced to limit the numbers of rickshaws in the interests of public safety. The samlor-a bicycle powered pedicab, later took over from the rickshaw but this too was outlawed in Bangkok in the late 1950s as being a traffic hazard. Samlors are still very common in many provinces.

The motorized tuk-tuk brought the solution to Bangkok's transport need around 1960. Safe, stable and yet open, allowing a free passage of air, the tuk-tuk has become
a symbol of Bangkok. The modern-day tuk-tuks are environment-friendly, running on 4-stroke, 250 cc LPG or CNG engines. They are designed to seat up to three passengers with additional space for baggage, but very often many more than this will squeeze into the back. Manufactured in Thailand, tuk-tuks are now exported to many countries worldwide.

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